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I am so excited for us to begin!

You have now been granted access to the 7 day challenge... for 10 days...

Why only 10 days??

Because it gives you an that gentle sense of accountability to complete it.


And that's why I am here, to help you commit to playing like you knew you always would. 


I will email you with your portal log in details in a few moments.


I have a few very special gifts lined up for you to support you (and celebrate you) choosing to play your guitar more regularly.

You will also find a few extra bonus videos for you in the 7 day challenge to help you tune your guitar and play more easily. 

Check your 'ALL MAIL" inbox if you don't see anything.

And... if you need anything, I am only an email away!

email: [email protected]

See you very soon :)

Let's do this!